About me


I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be mentored and taught by multiple very talented, creative and generous-with-their-knowledge glass artists, and have also had specialized training in many different glass art techniques. My growing passion for this art culminated in the opening of my own atelier/business in 2004.

My specialties include:

  • Glass painting – using special paints to create images on glass which are then fired in a kiln, layer by layer. These glass pieces can be used in stained glass.
  • Stained glass – design and construction of stained glass panels, contemporary or traditional
  • Fusing – melting compatible glass together
  • Slumping – melting glass slightly so that it takes the shape of a mould
  • Appliqué – gluing glass together

These techniques are each beautiful on their own, and can also be combined for virtually unlimited glass art expressions.

I am always astonished and grateful for the almost infinite possibilities of glass – it can be shaped, painted, fused, glued… The colors in the glass react to light and change with the time of day. With glass art that is hung in front of a window, you have the double pleasure of not only the glass, but also the shadows.

I am available for custom-made commissioned work, corporate gifts, and unique public art installations. I create new work for clients in close consultation with them, taking into account the location, the architecture and what direction the glass art faces, and most importantly, the personal preferences of the client. I spend many hours creating my one-of-a-kind designs, the first, most important step in the creative process.

In my earlier life in the United States, Mexico, Canada & Belgium, I was a project manager in the environmental field, with advanced degrees in microbiology, chemical engineering and business administration. Gradually, I evolved into a Dutch/American glass artist who lives and works in Den Haag.  I am also co-director/co-owner of a specialized supply company for glass studios, PELI Glass Products (www.peliglass.eu).

Lisa Di Campli
+31 (0)628.755.901

The first consultation is always gratis and non-binding.
For more information, you are welcome to call me and you are always
welcome in my studio!

What others say about me

Rein and Renata

We are very satisfied and very happy with your stained-glass work. It’s beautiful.

Rein and RenataVoorburg, NL

By chance we went to the Vlakglas Museum in Ravenstein and saw a beautiful artwork with insects. Beautiful, nice and we walked by. In one way or another, this work held a grip on us, so we contacted the museum.
Yes, it was still there, and yes, it was for sale. Your name was mentioned and also the name of your artwork, the Five Bugs.
We want to thank you for this creation and our compliments for all the beautiful work that comes out of your hands.

RobWadenoijen, NL